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Destination on your phoneEfficiency and Sustainability are essential topics of any new project related to tourism. In this sense, mobility, security, digital communications, interaction with citizens, territory interfaces areas are evolving.
The incorporation of new technologies establishing new ways to interact with the environment is opening up new business avenues and modifying concepts related to the style of life in all cities around the world. In this sense, the technologies involved in the future SmartCity development are provided new environment intelligence and new ways of interacting with that information. The tourist is perhaps one of the greatest explorers of destination information demanding more interaction with the environment.
Moreover, tourism is undoubtedly, one of the main driver of the economy of the Balearic Islands, becoming the Balearic destination as one of the tourism leaders in the world. The tourism sector in Balearic Islands is regarded worldwide with tourism companies present in most continents with a broad experience in tourism management and innovation.
The current economic times in a globalized economy imposes the need for new business approaches with strategic positions. The tourism sector is highly impacted by the economy environment. The efficiency and sustainability factors, introduced by the smartcity concept, must be incorporated in the tourism sector projects to take profit of new opportunities. The territory transformation including new demands of digital native citizens is transforming the tourism quality standards and conditioning the tourism spaces.

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